• Karen Ayala

    Support Analyst

    “ I really believe in where Boostopia is going and am eager to take on challenges and grow with the company. ”

  • Justin Winter

    Co-founder & CEO

    “ I love being able to work hard day in and day out with a team of genuinely caring, skilled, and ambitious smart people. ”

  • Joshua Owolabi

    Full-stack Software Engineer

    “ I am glad I can work at a company where I can be challenged every single day to do my best work. ”

Are you ready to grow faster, personally and professionally, than you ever have before?

Boostopia is growing quickly and we are only looking for people at the top of their field, or well on their way there. We value diverse backgrounds and experiences to help us build products to serve our diverse and global customer base.

The interview process with Boostopia is one we take seriously. We don't want to waste your time if your skillset doesn't meet the standards we are looking for. We recognize that committing to join a fast-growing technology company like Boostopia is as much a decision you make, as it is one we extend to an applicant. So throughout the interview process, you will learn more about us, what makes us tick, and who we are. We want you to feel comfortable knowing who you will be spending a good majority of your waking hours with. If things don't line up, we don't want to drag things on unnecessarily.

If you're not up to speed yet...

Boostopia provides software and services to empower customer support managers to improve their team and customer experience, often enabling 30% lesser support staff to support the same volume, with better CSAT and SLAs.

A companies existing customer support help desk like Zendesk, Gorgias, Kustomer, or Intercom is made for support agents to talk to customers - NOT for support and ops leadership to support and improve their team and customer experience.

Boostopia is built to replace your hodge-podge of spreadsheets or single-purpose apps your currently using to your run your support operation to save you tons of time, hassle, and money.

We empower managers to lead their teams with confidence, represent the customer experience in their organization, and help the best support agents shine under management that truly finally understands their valuable contributions to the company.

Kristin, Customer Experience Manager at Public Rec (DTC Apparel Brand, 11+ team members, using Zendesk) says:

"Boostpia is helping me consolidate all of my reporting, goal management, and coaching into one product. It saved me a ton of time, but it also saves me a headache."

Technically inclined Interested in our toolset?

Our product is built using native AWS serverless microservices and a JAMstack.

Using and including tools like:

Lambda, API Gateway, S3, Serverless.com, Simple Queue Service, Cloud Watch, IAM roles, RDS MySql, KMS, Cognito, NodeJs, Apollo GraphQl, VueJS, D3JS, Intercom, Segment, Vero, ZenDesk, Shopify, Retool, OAuth2

  • Macbook+Tech Stipend

  • Competitive Health, Vision, & Dental

  • 30 Vacation Days+National Holidays



Our Team

Meet some of our other Boostopians

  • Cristi Silva

    Senior Support Coach

  • Lucas Randazzo

    Senior Front-End Software Engineer

  • Jared Chmielecki

    Co-founder, Head of Engineering